Chapter 7 Feeding with Ginseng

“Mother, I can control the energy in my body within a certain range now .You can send me to the nearby unnamed star.” Zhao Lingyu , who has been touched all over the body, finally remembered what to do.

“Ling Yu, why you can control the energy ?” Shen Qiushi did not answer his son’s words, but asked. It is absolutely very painful for her to let her son to die alone.

If it is necessary to do so, of course she will do it , and the residents of the capital star will gladly agree, but the energy in Zhao Lingyu’s body is still within controllable range. Maybe the largest energy in his body belongs to the Zerg queen’s, but there is no need to worry.

“Earlier Yun Sheng gave me something to eat , Suddenly i feel that my body is much better.” Zhao Lingyu said directly.

Before, Shen Qiushi suspect that the energy riots around his son were weakened and related to his life, now she is mostly certain she was wrong “If your body is getting better, don’t say this anymore!”

“Marshal, where ever you go then I would gladly go to your place (tlnote: precious cinnamon bun >//////////<)!

Early in the morning, when he was full of nourishment from zhao lingyu energy , he took off his shoes and stood in the open space in front of the house to enjoy the sun. The old butler saw this scene and quickly came over: “Master Yu Sheng, the weather is cold, Wouldn’t you feel too cold?”

“I am not cold, I like to bask in the sun.” Ren Sheng smiled.

“If the Young master likes to enjoy the sun, you can go to the sun room behind, where the light can be adjusted…”

“Where?” Ren Sheng asked curiously, is the sun room is rooms filled with sunshine?

The sun room is certainly not a room filled with sunshine. In fact, this is a green house that can automatically adjust the nutrients, moisture and light intensity inside.

As soon as he entered, Ren Sheng was deeply attracted to this place . And after listening to Mr. Guan Jia’s explanation the usage of this room , he fell in love with the room .

Slowly digesting the magic soil energy from Zhao Lingyu in such a sunny place is definitely the most comfortable thing in the world, that is ! He already decide it .
The surrounding plants are somewhat unsightly if this place is for him to enjoy alone !

The old butler looked at Ren Sheng happy expression and showed a smile . The person with plant abilities type all liked plants. Is Young masters like the flowers and plants in it? Should he buy more flowers?

Ren Sheng feels that his life right now is very happy.

In the night , there is a large piece of magical soil energy (Zhao lingyu LOL) that can be hold and hug. During the day, you can enjoy the sun, you can eat all kinds of food, and then you can continue to hold the source of magical soil energy .

However even he feels very happy , but in the eyes of others there is something slightly wrong with him .

Shen Qiushi learned from his son’s mouth that Ren Sheng has given him a medicine. Although she doesn’t know what kind of medicine he give to his son , she still very grateful to Ren Sheng. It is a gratitude that has made her pay more attention to Ren Sheng situation .

“Xiao Sheng , come, come to Auntie here.” it’s already third night of Ren Sheng live with Zhao family , Shen Qiushi finally can stopped him.

“Auntie?” Ren Sheng curiously looked at Shen Qiushi .

“Xiao would you like to watch TV with Auntie?” Shen QiuShi picked up popular cartoon in the Federation, then showing it. Watching cartoons with her grandson always been her most desired thing . But now , only the son-in-law can accompanied her.

Ren Sheng was eager to go back to Zhou Lingyu room . He didn’t expect that the wall in front of him suddenly appeared a beautiful picture, so he immediately stood still.

There is no such thing as a slight energy flow here. How can such a picture appear?
There is also the child in the picture, he looks so cute. Ren Sheng was attracted to it at once, completely forgot to go to sleep with Zhao Lingyu .

Seeing this scene, Shen Qiushi was relieved, and immediately go to found the old butler “You go order some toys for children, learning machine for children is said to be very hot recently, you can also buy one.
Yes , and there are clothes, some underwear for childrem , you also buy more clothes…”

“Yes, ma’am!” The old butler smile and walked out, but it was only after awhile he went out , and suddenly came back again: “Ma’am , Miss Wen come with the young master of the Locke family.”

“Wen Yue?” Shen Qiushi looked coldly at the back of Ren Sheng’s cartoon show.
“Yes, Miss Wen Yue.” The old butler’s face is not very good.

“I don’t have time to receive…” Shen Qiu Shi’s words have not been finished yet, but someone has come in at the door.

The long-haired , sturdy blond man carefully guarded a black-haired , white-skinned young woman who came straight in with a bodyguard.

In order not be tired of seeing others, Shen Qiushi only left a few people on the island, probably because of this, the two can drive straight into the house .

“What are you doing?” Shen Qiushi look at Wen Yue , slightly frowned.

Because of mutated genes , the person with ability are more difficult to have offspring than the average person. Although some couples can have more than ten children in their lifetime, most of the person with abilities have only one or three children in their lifetime. At the same time, the more powerful the person, the more difficult it is to have children.

And for this reason that the federal government has been pursuing a project for hundreds of years, that is, to check the genes and ability of each ability person , and finally use the computer to check the fit and match between the abilities.

The young girl in front of her eyes was the one who had the highest degree of fit and match with her son.


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